Our Latest Business Telephone Systems

If you are looking to replace your existing office telephone system with a brand new on-site PBX system you should note we sell smart office communication solutions. Anyone who is interested in upgrading to a complete unified communication system should understand such systems embrace the latest technology.


Key Features of Business Telephone Systems

. We host the VOIP equipment and servers and we service the system in a highly secure data centre

. These are money-saving systems. Companies are not expected to invest in VOIP equipment or manage the system themselves

. Packet-switched telephony is utilised to transmit calls via private networks and the Internet rather than use costly circuit switched telephony as used by the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network)

. Our super-fast network enables us to gain the best VOIP solution

We network with numerous global telephone system suppliers, we don’t want to sell you a telephone system which is only used for dialling in and out. We offer comprehensive systems, market leading telephone systems which have the power to boost your return on investment.

You may be looking for an intuitive Voice over IP solution or you might be trying to locate a simple traditional on-site system, and we are here to assist you. Your location, trade and size is immaterial, we can help you to choose the ideal system from a wealth of business telephone systems.

Selecting your Office Phone System

If you would like to buy a traditional office telephone we can offer lines, handsets, accessories and hardware (including servers, cables and routers etc.) We also offer a valuable support and maintenance service. Our technicians will work closely with you to find installation times which cause minimal disruption to business.

After chatting with us you may decide to invest in a virtual phone system. We will advise accordingly and the chosen system will depend on business needs, budget and scale of operation. A hosted telephone system allows smaller offices to expand and such systems are preferred by large business concerns which operate from numerous sites.

Some of the Advantages:

Reduction in Costs

We provide phone systems which offer great value for money. Our smart business telephone systems provide superior sound at a reduced cost. Our team will look at the various ways to lower all costs.

Cutting Edge Phone Systems

We supply modern phone systems which transform business communication. We are market leaders who provide the latest, up to date business telephone systems.

Excellent Features

Every one of our office telephone system has numerous unique features, which will be valuable to your business.

Unified Communications

Choose a hosted phone system which unites voice and data and you are one step closer to unifying your communications. This makes the system easier to manage and enhances productivity.

Business Telephone Systems are Professional

A company which uses a corporate phone system looks professional. Use call features such as call recording and IVR and your clients enjoy the ultimate phone experience.

Training and Support

Our team provides on-site training for business telephone systems. We also offer invaluable pre and post-sales support.

Business Continuity

All of our systems or phone solutions come with a disaster recovery service. We recognize that every minute of downtime means loss of income, hence we take recovery and system maintenance seriously.

Managed Options

Choose hosted VOIP and we will oversee the telephone system in our secure data centre, hence clients have less to worry about.

Advice from the Experts

Are you unsure whether your business would benefit from a hosted solution, a PBX phone system or any of the latest business telephone systems? Speak with one of our experts who will help you to decide what’s right for your business.

Flexible and Scalable Business Telephone Systems

We offer phone systems which are suitable for two to 250,000 users and our unique telephone systems can be extended to any number of offices or worldwide sites.